By Charlene Shirk First Coast News | 11/17/2006 8:31:46 AM

JACKSONVILLE, FL – “Scary, that’s one word to sum it all up, Scary.” That’s a description of the Duval County Jail. It’s a cold, crowded but lonely place.

Laquintin Gartrell says it’s the scariest place he’s ever been.

“You have to worry about who you sleeping next to because you don’t know what they in on. It could be a rapist or a murder, you don’t know nothing and what you don’t know can kill you.”

At 17, Laquintin was running the streets, an armed robbery landed him here, now he just wants to go home.

“This place scary, I don’t want to come back here no more.”

Jason Dorworth was 12 years old when he got the gun that made him feel like a man.

“I thought I was cool. I wanted to get a gun and rob,” said Jason Dorworth. “I was doing drugs, taking pills, and I didn’t have a mind. I wanted to do my own thing, I felt like a Superman. I felt I could never be caught.”

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