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Celebrating and accentuating the Star In Every Child is the work of the I’M A STAR Foundation. The Foundation works closely with School Districts, education organizations, parents, and civic/business organizations to inspire, empower and motivate students to unleash their God-given potential. I’m A Star offers a leadership and service learning bootcamp to help students achieve levels of excellence!

Our I’m A Star Foundation empowers youth with knowledge and resources that enable them to transcend barriers to success and unleash their inner greatness. Through “I’m A Star” conferences and events, we bring speakers, motivators, trainers and difference makers together with one focus:

“To Make Every Child’s Star Shine Brighter.”

If you believe like we do that within every child is a STAR (Smart, Talented And Resilient) consider partnering with us to give a child the encouragement and opportunity to be their own STAR. Educators, parents and students may inquire here for additional information!


VIDEO – I’m A Star Symposium


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