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Three years ago, Betty Seabrook Burney took on the job of finding mentors for jailed juveniles.


But one day, Burney realized they needed more than mentors to guide them. They needed their voices to be heard — and understood.


“I was at court one day, and this kid was trying to get his point across to the [assistant] state attorney,” said Burney. “But he couldn’t express himself well… all the while, the chains he had on were clanging.”


That gave Burney, now a member of the Duval County School Board, the idea to find a way for more of the troubled youths to express how they allowed criminal behavior to stunt their progress before their lives even got off to a real start. She did that by visiting them in the Duval County jail and chronicling their stories in a self-published book titled If These Chains Could Talk.

The book is a compilation of stories from teenage felons discussing the conditions and attitudes that contributed to their drift toward criminality. It also includes their advice to youths, parents and others, and space for readers to write down ideas to deal with the problem.

Full story – If These Chains Could Talk


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